Puppet making and other workshops for kids and adults

Hands in the hair to think of some activities to keep the kids busy? Look now further! We give simple puppet making workshops and also other creative workshops that the kids will enjoy AND stimulate their creativity.

Making toys from scratch, using coke bottles and left over boxes. Amazing and creative.

  • Fingerpuppets with different characteristics - colourful, fun and easy to make - and every child walks away with a little finger character to entertain the whole family.
  • Handpuppets are as old as the ages and used as a form entertainment... and you can have your own hanpuppet ... and while you make your own puppet - I teach you how to manipulate and tell stories.... to your hearts desire.
  • Muppet making workshops for pre-schools & churches - I also help you to create your own muppet (mouth puppet) and send you away with your puppet in hand, patterns and skills to do it on your own and also guidelines to draw you own patterns in future and create your own unique character. These workshops are over weekends.
  • Rod puppets - Have you seen the magic of rod puppets used in BIG shows like the "WAR horse"...! You can have your own maigical rod puppets and make mystical stories.... just sign up for a rod puppet workshop!
  • String puppet making workshops for kids - Always wanted to have your own marionette! Look no further... Ill teach you the skill! The ball is in your hands... make that dream come true!
  • Storytelling - You are the maker of dreams! You can tell any story - and mezmerize your audience! Ill teach you the elements of a good story .... and off you go with your own magic!