Shows available

We can adjust the themes of our shows to suit your party theme if you let us know in advance.

  • Sea creatures - Sun and moon are married... but moon can't go to all the places sun goes to. Sun's adventures takes her to far away places! One day she meets father sea...and he introduces her to all his children. A fun filled show with colourful sea creatures that teach how easy is it to save the earth!
  • The Mouse in the house - This show is suitable for ages 3 to 10. It tells about the MOUSE that discovered that the farmer installed a mousetrap in the house. He runs off to all his farm animal friends (cow, pig, chicken) to help him. Their ignorance towards mouse teach us: We must be helpful!
  • Good manners - This show is suitable for ages 3 to 10. There once was a little town where everybody had good manners...but the one rude old man. He did not like it when everybody was polite and used words like thank you, and its my pleasure! He thought of an evil plan to capture all good manners.... A fun and interactive show that shows: Good manners can bring you far
  • The secret of the forest - Bunny goes on a journey to discover the secret of the forest. He discovers KINDNESS is the secret!
  • The Singing Chameleon - We all have a place in this world
  • Rainbow pumpkin - You are special
  • The Little Prince - I must love everyone around me
  • Donkey finds happiness - To help others
  • Babbling baboon finds a friend - On making friends
  • Babbling baboon wants to fly - I can do anything if I try hard enough
  • Babbling baboon and the ants - Two is better than one
  • Babbling baboon and hippo - I don't care how you look like...
  • Babbling baboon saves the fish - We all have a special function
  • The slimy green worm - Patience will help everything work out